Where did the neck pain at the base of my skull come from?

Neck Pain at Base of Skull

While there are a variety of causes for neck pain, it can often be difficult to determine the cause in many cases. Most neck pain is not caused by serious disease. However, living with neck pain can be unpleasant for some, and downright unbearable for others, leaving many people seeking the cause of their neck pain as well as ways to find relief from their symptoms.

What is causing my neck pain at the base of my skull?

The base of the skull is the place where your cervical spine connects to your head. If you are feeling pain in this area, it could be linked to conditions such as:

  • Occipital neuralgia — Occipital neuralgia is a condition in which the nerves that run through the scalp become injured or inflamed. This can cause piercing, throbbing, or shocklike pain in the upper neck, back of the head or behind the ears. 
  • Herniated disc — The discs in our spine act as shock absorbers for the vertebrae in our neck and back. If one of these discs becomes ruptured or slips out of place, it can press against spinal nerves, causing pain and sometimes numbness in the area. If you have pain at the base of the skull, you may have a herniated disc in your neck.
  • Strained suboccipital muscles — The muscles in the neck responsible for extending and rotating the head are called the suboccipital muscles. If you are experiencing neck pain at the base of the skull, the suboccipital muscles might be strained. This type of neck injury can be due to poor posture, a traumatic injury, or overuse of the muscles.

Can physical therapy help the pain at the base of my skull?

Physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy specialize in a wide range of techniques and treatment methods that can help reduce neck pain. Some of these techniques can include:

  • Posture guidance.

Contact our team of licensed physical therapy specialists today for more information on how we can help address your neck pain.