What causes herniated discs that trigger neck pain?

Herniated Disc Neck Pain

There are many structures in your neck that can be injured or damaged, and each of them can trigger pain when this happens. However, cervical discs are one structure that can often be the cause of neck pain. 

Cervical discs are located between each of your seven neck vertebrae, and these vertebrae are named C1 through C7. A herniated disc is when one of these discs becomes inflamed or damaged. Medical researchers report that the most common location for a cervical herniated disc that causes neck pain is between vertebrae C6 and C7. A physical therapist can help determine the root cause of your herniated disc. They can help treat the symptoms of this neck injury, too. 

Common causes of a herniated cervical disc that triggers neck pain

Physical therapists study all the structures of the neck, which are a part of the human musculoskeletal system. This in-depth knowledge allows them to identify the causes of herniated cervical discs like: 

  1. Disc degeneration — Like joint cartilage, spinal discs tend to degenerate as you age. This can leave your discs thinner and more prone to injury. One study found that 51.5% of the men and 46% of the women surveyed had degeneration in the disc between C5 and C6. 
  1. Trauma — A sudden blow to the neck can cause trauma in a spinal disc. Sudden violent movements, such as whiplash, can also injure cervical discs. 

Physical therapy can help treat neck pain from herniated cervical discs

Physical therapists have many treatment options that they can use to help herniated cervical discs. A few of the treatment techniques that your specialist may use are: 

  • Spinal manipulation that can help realign the neck vertebrae and reduce pressure on a herniated disc. 

Whatcom Physical Therapy is ready to help treat neck pain from a herniated disc

Tired of feeling neck pain from a herniated cervical disc? Our team of specialists at Whatcom PT is primed to help you find ways to treat your pain. We can do a free screening on your neck to reveal the root cause of your pain. Furthermore, our physical therapists are adept at building unique therapy plans designed to reduce pain and other herniated disc symptoms. 

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