Two balance exercises elderly people will have fun with

Fun Balance Exercises for Elderly

The ability to balance is one of the functions that starts to go away as people grow more elderly. Physical therapists in Blaine, Washington, can help seniors with balance issues find balance exercises they can do every day. Here are two balance exercises that can help elderly people have fun and improve their balance: 

1.   Flamingo exercise

One therapeutic exercise that can help elderly patients have fun while balancing is the flamingo exercise. Despite its cheeky name, this exercise can help strengthen your leg muscles, and it also gives you a chance to practice balancing. 

To start this exercise, you may want to place your hand on a stable chair or countertop to help you balance. From here, slowly lift your right foot off the ground until you’re carrying all your weight on your left leg. Hold this position for about one minute and then return your right foot to the floor. You should then repeat the steps while balancing on your other leg. One way to make the exercise more challenging is by not holding on to the chair or countertop. Standing on one leg for a longer period of time can also increase the difficulty of this exercise. 

2.   Beanbag balance exercise

Elderly people can also have a lot of fun doing an exercise called the beanbag balance. This exercise will require several pieces of equipment: You’ll need three beanbags and three containers that are different heights.

Once you’ve gathered these items, place the containers in a row on the floor next to a counter or stable chair. The counter or chair will give you something to grab onto if you need to catch your balance. After lining up your containers, put one of the beanbags on top of your right foot, and then use your foot to slowly lift the beanbag and drop it in the first container. Continue to repeat these steps until you have placed a beanbag in each of the three containers. Next, remove the beanbags from the containers and repeat the exercise using your left foot. 

Find out how Whatcom Physical Therapy in Blaine, WA can help with age-related balance issues

We know that balancing often gets harder with age, but you can work with our physical therapy specialists to improve it. First, we’ll have you come into our clinic in Blaine for a complimentary screening where we’ll assess your balance. Then, our team will build you an individualized therapy plan to address your balance issues, and your plan could include beneficial therapy methods such as: 

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