Tired of lower back pain? These two types of physical therapy can help


Low back pain is the nemesis of many. That familiar ache can limit time spent working, relaxing, and enjoying life. It can lead to irritability and a whole host of other health problems. And yet it’s surprisingly common.

The World Health Organization estimates that 149 million days of work are lost every year due to this type of pain in the U.S. alone. This isn’t surprising when you consider that pain in the lower back affects up to 70% of people in industrialized nations in their lifetime. If you’re experiencing lower back pain, a physical therapist can help you find treatment options, and this may include active or passive therapy.

What are active and passive therapy?

Physical therapy includes treatments that focus on the management of the disabilities and injuries that cause lower back pain. It’s intended to help reduce pain, encourage healing, and improve function and movement. 

There are two components to most physical therapy programs: passive physical therapy to reduce the patient’s pain so that it becomes more manageable, and active physical therapy that the patient engages in independently.

What types of passive therapy could be included in my lower back pain treatment plan?

When you’re suffering from back pain, it can be debilitating and make it so you can’t be as active as you would like. One goal a physical therapist strives for is to reduce your pain as much as possible so that you can actively participate in normal daily activities. Many passive therapy techniques can be used to meet this goal, including:

Which active therapy methods can therapists use for lower back pain?

Active physical therapy treatments primarily take the form of exercises performed by the patient. These are often used in the later stages of physical therapy — once the low back pain has subsided enough that you can perform them without excessive discomfort. Some of the types of exercises that might be included in your therapy plan include: 

  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Stability
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion

Whatcom Physical Therapy can treat many types of back pain

People with all types of back pain can find effective treatment at Whatcom Physical Therapy. Our team can perform a complimentary screening for you to pinpoint the cause of your back pain. We also excel at building individualized therapy plans designed to reduce and prevent the recurrence of back pain. 

Don’t have a doctor’s referral for physical therapy? Don’t worry! We don’t require a referral before you begin using any of the therapy services we offer. You can even get therapy for your back without leaving home thanks to the virtual care therapy service we offer. 

Ready to take the next step to start getting our help with your back pain? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule a complimentary screening.