My ankle hurts after running — What should I do?

ankle hurts after running

Ankle pain is one of the most common problems for runners. It makes sense, because every step you take while running exerts pressure and strain on your ankles. Over time, this can cause pain and injuries.

The causes of ankle pain after running vary. Often, it’s the result of tired muscle and tendons that have not been properly warmed up or cooled down. However, there are other, more serious conditions that may be that cause of your pain, including:

  • Sprain — A sprain is what happens when a ligament has been overstretched or torn. There are varying degrees of strains, ranging from a mild overstretch to a partial tear to a total tear.

    Sprains are painful and limit your range of motion, especially as they advance in severity. Some sprains can be treated with physical therapy alone, but total tears or severe partial tears may require surgical intervention.
  • Tendinitis — Tendinitis is the result of a tendon that has become irritated from repetitive use. When this condition develops, it can be painful to do anything involving the tendon, including running, walking or even standing.
  • Fracture — Often, people think of fractures as totally broken bones. While this is a possibility, in many cases fractures are small, hairline cracks that develop in brittle bones or bones affected by repetitive stress, such as running on pavement.

What should I do if my ankle hurts after running?

If your ankle hurts after running, stop and take a moment to assess your pain. Is this a frequently recurring pain? Is it more intense than mild soreness? Does the pain linger for a long time? Is the pain accompanied by other symptoms, such as swelling, tenderness and limited range of motion?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should reach out to a health care professional for an examination and treatment if it’s needed.

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