How can you benefit from addressing torticollis with physical therapy?

Torticollis Physical Therapy

Torticollis, also sometimes called wryneck, is a condition involving the neck twisting at an abnormal angle. It most often occurs in newborns. For those with torticollis, the muscles in their neck contract, causing the neck to tilt. 

The exact cause of this condition isn’t well understood but is thought to be because of the way an infant was positioned in the womb or from a traumatic birth. It isn’t uncommon to see this condition in newborns, and it can even occur in babies up to three months after birth. 

In addition, torticollis can also be seen in adults. It can be caused by injury, infection and spinal conditions. Luckily, this condition can usually be treated with the help of physical therapy. Both children and adults can benefit from a physical therapist’s help with this specific condition.

3 ways you can benefit from physical therapy treatment for torticollis

  • Strengthen your neck muscles — During physical therapy, a specialist will create a unique treatment plan with exercises to build muscle strength in your neck. These exercises will ultimately help the muscles in the neck that are underdeveloped or spasming from torticollis.
  • Improve range of motion in the neck — Just as your physical therapist will give you exercises that build strength in your neck, they will most likely also suggest exercises to build flexibility. It’s important to stretch these muscles so that your range of motion improves. With better range of motion, your neck will be better able to turn from side to side.
  • Alleviate pain — With the help of a physical therapist, any pain caused by the tensing or spasming of muscles in the neck can be reduced or possibly even eliminated. Physical therapy is an effective alternative to pain relief medication, while also preventing future pain.

Whatcom PT can help you with your torticollis symptoms

Living with neck spasms and pain doesn’t have to be any worse than it already is. If you’re ready to take control of your torticollis, consider making an appointment request today for a free screening with one of our experts. At Whatcom PT, our physical therapists are specially trained to address the cause of your condition and to help you make a full recovery for improved quality of life.

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