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Knee Arthritis

Physical therapy for knee arthritis treatment in Point Roberts, WA

September 8th, 2019

Arthritis in the knees is difficult to live with because it affects your ability to walk, run and even stand without pain. There are many treatments available for arthritis in the knee, but there is no cure for the condition. One effective method of treatment for managing the pain and improving your mobility is physical

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

Physical therapy in Ferndale, WA: Does it help tennis elbow?

September 7th, 2019

Tennis elbow is a type of tendinitis that affects the tendon running along the back and outside of your elbow. Tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendons that occurs from repetitive use of the tendon, such as when swinging a tennis racket. But don’t let the name fool you. Tennis elbow can affect anyone who

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Herniated Disc Treatment

Physical therapy for a herniated disc in lower back treatment Blaine, WA

September 6th, 2019

A herniated disc is a common source of lower back pain in American adults. Fortunately, there are many treatment options that can help you recover from herniated disc pain. One reliable treatment method is physical therapy.  Why physical therapy? Physical therapy is a beneficial treatment for a herniated disc in the lower back for a

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