Hip pain after running in Ferndale, WA

Hip Pain After Running

Are you an athlete who is experiencing hip pain after running? Do you live in Ferndale, Washington? You’ve come to the right place. At Whatcom Physical Therapy, our Ferndale physical therapy specialists are here to be your guide and help you get back to your active lifestyle. Read on to learn about the primary factors that lead to your hip pain as well as the ways our dedicated team can help you recapture your quality of life from your symptoms. 

What causes hip pain after running and how is it treated?

The hip is a complex joint that can sustain an injury due to a variety of factors, including strength and flexibility imbalances, strains and tears in the hip, groin pulls, piriformis syndrome, hip bursitis and more. If any of these disorders have led to hip pain after running, and you live in or around Ferndale, consult the specialists at Whatcom Physical Therapy today. 

Our dedicated team will work with you to determine the source of your symptoms as well as the customized treatment plan that may be best to ease your condition and reduce the likelihood of it recurring in the future. This may include gait training to improve your leg and foot movement as well as increase stability and pace while you run. 

Other possible treatments that your physical therapist may recommend include: 

  • Proper running techniques
  • Shoe insoles to help your alignment
  • Manual therapy
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Low-impact activities

Choosing Whatcom Physical Therapy in Ferndale, WA, to ease your hip pain after running

If you’re an avid runner suffering from hip pain, reach out to Whatcom Physical Therapy in Ferndale today to learn how our clinic can get you back in motion. Our team of musculoskeletal experts is dedicated to delivering patient-centered care to help you take back control from your hip pain and discomfort. 

Contact us today to schedule an initial appointment with our team and learn more about our advanced tools to diagnose and treat hip pain after running. We look forward to guiding you on your path to wellness.