Have you had a stiff neck for weeks? Try these nonsurgical methods

Stiff Neck for Weeks

If a stiff neck has caused an inability to do activities like sitting at a desk at work or playing with your grandchildren over the last few weeks, it is time to take action. To relieve the stiffness in your neck that has invaded your life, it is important to see a physical therapist to determine the customized treatments that can get you back to your daily routine. Read the following article to learn about the nonsurgical stiff neck treatments that can help you on your road to recovery.

Physical therapy treatments to relieve a stiff neck that has lasted for weeks

A stiff neck stems from a variety of causes, ranging from sleeping awkwardly to developing tense muscles as a result of stress. If you have been suffering from a stiff neck for weeks, a physical therapist can analyze the cause of your symptoms and develop a comprehensive, nonsurgical plan designed to help you quickly reclaim your life from this condition. 

A physical therapist may recommend the following treatments to ease your stiffness:

  • Active physical therapy — Active modalities are when the patient is actively involved in the treatment. In order to ease a stiff neck, a physical therapist may recommend for the patient to improve their neck strength and flexibility through a series of range-of-motion exercises and stretches, thereby increasing the endurance of the neck muscles and reducing the stress on the stiff joints.
  • Passive physical therapy — Passive modalities require another person to apply the treatments. For example, a physical therapist may recommend at-home treatments like hot and cold therapy, as well as manual therapy performed by a licensed physical therapist, in order to alleviate pain and stiffness in the neck that has lasted for weeks.

In addition to a combination of active and passive modalities, a physical therapist can also teach you lifestyle modifications that will prevent your stiff neck pain from worsening or recurring.

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