Fun activities you can still enjoy when living with arthritis in the knees

Living With Arthritis in Knees

If you’re living with knee arthritis, you may feel like you can’t do many of the activities you enjoy. However, it’s possible for you to still do many fun activities with arthritic knees. 

Researchers estimate that more than 80% of patients who suffer from osteoarthritis have it in their knees. People with this issue often feel like they should just stay still as much as possible, the thought being that less movement equals less pain. However, the opposite is usually the case. Moving the arthritic joint regularly can help lubricate it and reduce pain. Additionally, there are plenty of fun activities that can offer these benefits when you’re living with knee arthritis. 

Three activities you can enjoy while living with arthritis in your knees

Knee arthritis sufferers might be surprised to find that they can still do many fun activities. You might have to make some adjustments to activities you enjoy, but they can still be as fun as before. Three activities you can still do when living with knee arthritis are: 

  1. Hiking — You might not be able to go on long hikes or hike difficult trails, but hiking can still be a fun activity for knee arthritis sufferers. There are some adjustments you can make to minimize the impact of this activity. One is to use walking poles as these can help take some of the impact produced by each step. You should also wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. Be sure to stretch before your hike and plan hikes that are short and on even terrain. Knee braces can also be worn to minimize the impact hiking has on your joints. 
  1. Cycling — This activity allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. It’s also low impact, which is important if you have knee arthritis. Cycling can be especially fun for arthritis patients because it allows them to experience the sensation of speed. This can be especially uplifting if you feel like arthritis has slowed you down. If you have knee arthritis, you can benefit from making several modifications to your cycling. Some of these include sticking to paved surfaces, stretching beforehand and making sure your bike is properly adjusted. 
  1. Swimming — Moving around in water can be a way to have fun and move your joints while putting less stress on them. The buoyancy of water helps support the body’s weight. This means that if you’re in water up to your neck, 90% of your body weight is supported. You should still stretch before swimming, and you may also want to consult a swim instructor on the best strokes to use. Additionally, the instructor can help you ensure that your form is correct. 


Whatcom Physical Therapy can help make living with knee arthritis easier

Do you want to find more ways to make living with arthritis in the knees easier? Our team at Whatcom Physical Therapy is ready and willing to help you. We offer complimentary screenings that can help us learn how arthritis is affecting you. Using this information, our specialists can then create a personalized therapy program designed to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. We even offer virtual care that can help you get the therapy you need while things are keeping you at home. 

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