Five symptoms of a pinched nerve in the shoulder that mean you need treatment

Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Symptoms

Dealing with shoulder pain can be tough for anyone. People use their shoulders to do so many tasks during a normal day. They help you lift your coffee mug in the morning. They let you raise your arm to wave goodbye as your kids get on the school bus. Shoulder pain can make these normal movements agonizing. 

You aren’t the only person dealing with pain in your shoulder. Medical research reveals that up to 70% of people experience shoulder pain at some time in their lives. Finding out what’s causing your pain is vital to treating it effectively, and a pinched nerve in your shoulder could be the reason for your pain and other symptoms. 

These five symptoms mean you may have a pinched shoulder nerve 

Certain pinched shoulder nerve symptoms could be signs that you have a serious medical issue. Commonly, issues like spinal disc problems or bone spurs can cause pinched nerves that affect the shoulder. There are five symptoms of a pinched shoulder nerve in particular that should cause you to seek help from your doctor. These five symptoms are: 

  1. Pain in one shoulder only — Each nerve only sends and receives signals related to a specific part of the body. This means that pinched nerves tend to send pain signals to only one shoulder. 
  1. Sharp, shocking pains — Issues like injured muscle, tendons and ligaments tend to cause an aching type of pain. Pinched nerves tend to cause pain that feels sharp. It can also feel like a shocking or burning sensation. 
  1. Pain worsens when turning the head — Certain head movements might increase pressure on the pinched nerve. In turn, the increased pressure can increase your pain. 
  1. Abnormal sensations — Shoulder nerves that have been pinched can cause a “pins-and-needles” sensation in the affected shoulder. This issue can also lead to sensations of weakness or numbness. 
  1. Symptoms extending beyond the shoulder — Any of the symptoms of a pinched shoulder nerve could appear in other connected body parts. This means that you might experience pain or abnormal sensations in the arm or hand on the same side as the affected shoulder. 


Find treatment for the symptoms of a pinched shoulder nerve at Whatcom Physical Therapy

Now that you know the symptoms of a pinched shoulder nerve, you might wonder where you can find treatment for them. Whatcom Physical Therapy has specialists who can help. Our team offers free screenings designed to pinpoint the source of your shoulder symptoms. We also have lots of experience building individualized treatment plans for numerous shoulder issues. 

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