Best sitting position for lower back pain: Three useful tips

Best Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain

Many people in Blaine, Washington, could be suffering from lower back pain, and this isn’t very surprising. The National Institutes of Health reports that 80% of adults will likely deal with lower back pain at some point in their lives. There are many factors that could be causing or even increasing your pain. One of these factors is the way you sit, and there are three tips that you can use to make sure you’re in the best sitting position for lower back pain.

1.   Have lumbar support

One tip that can help you sit in the best position for lower back pain is to make sure you have good lumbar support. If you’ve seen an ergonomic chair, the curve in the chair at lower back level is the lumbar support. Even if you don’t have an ergonomic chair to sit in at work, you can still make sure your lower back is supported. One option you can try is to place a rolled-up towel in the curve of your back. Another potential fix for this issue is to buy a special lumbar support cushion, or you could simply upgrade your office chair to a model that has built-in lumbar support.

2.   Keep knees and hips properly positioned

Keeping your knees and hips properly positioned is another way to ensure you’re in the best sitting position for lower back pain. Yet you might not know what the correct position for your knees and hips is. For most people, the proper position for these body parts is to have them both at a 90-degree angle. This way they can provide the greatest support for your lower back.

3.   Pay attention to how you hold your feet

Keeping in the best sitting position for lower back pain will also involve paying attention to the position of your feet. Many people sit with their ankles crossed, and this means only the sides of the feet are touching the floor. Other people like to sit with their feet leaned up against the wall or desk rail, which only leaves the heels on the floor. The problem with both of these positions is that they mean your feet are providing less support for the lower back. This is why the best position for your feet when you’re sitting is flat on the floor.

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