What are the symptoms of a rotator cuff injury?

Rotator Cuff Injury Symptoms

Are you experiencing a clicking sound when raising your arm? Do you have pain, weakness, locking, restricted motion or instability associated with overhead activities like picking up a stack of plates from the cupboard or playing baseball? Well, these may all be signs of a rotator cuff injury. If you are suffering from the rotator cuff injury symptoms above, it is important to see a medical professional immediately to accurately diagnose your condition and determine the treatments best suited for your needs, such as the physical therapy methods described below.

Treatment for rotator cuff injury symptoms

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles that surrounds your shoulder. Sustaining an injury in this area of the body is extremely common and is often caused by repetitive motion, heavy lifting, poor posture, falls or high-impact sports injuries. In order to diagnose your rotator cuff injury, your doctor will take a detailed history of your symptoms, conduct a physical examination and order imaging tests such as an MRI or X-ray. For patients suffering from rotator cuff injuries, physical therapy is typically recommended by many medical professionals. 

Physical therapy is a safe and effective method to treat rotator cuff injury symptoms without the need for harmful pain medication or surgical intervention. Common rotator cuff injury treatments include manual therapy, strengthening exercises, range-of-motion exercises, stretching exercises and lifestyle modifications. The goal of these conservative methods is to get you back to your normal function and help you learn ways to go about your daily routine without aggravating your rotator cuff, thereby reducing the likelihood of your condition recurring.

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