Reasons you may need physical therapy in Ferndale, WA

Ferndale WA Reasons for PT

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who are skilled in treating all kinds of injuries and conditions that affect your physical condition. There are many reasons someone would want to visit a physical therapist. For example, you may need to a see a physical therapist for chronic pain or for reducing your risk of getting injured.

One of the most common reasons people need physical therapy is an injury. At Whatcom Physical Therapy in Ferndale, Washington, our team is trained and experienced in working with a variety of injuries. Below are a few of the most common injuries that we help rehabilitate.

Common injuries our physical therapists treat

These injuries are dynamic in nature. They may develop suddenly as the result of an impact, fall or similar injury. Or, they may develop slowly over time due to strain and repeated use.

Here are four common injuries that our physical therapists treat in Ferndale, Washington:

  • Strained muscles — Overexerting your muscles can cause them to stretch and tear. Physical therapists can reduce the pain of a muscle tear while assisting in recovery, so you can regain use of your muscle. 
  • Knee injuries — There are all kinds of knee injuries that can affect you. You may suffer a fracture to the patella or you may tear one of the ligaments. In either case, physical therapists can help reduce pain and promote recovery.  
  • Shoulder injuries — Rotator cuff tears and tendinitis are some of the most common shoulder injuries that affect people. These injuries can limit the use of your entire arm, which makes it difficult to accomplish many tasks. Physical therapists can help you regain the use of your arm while reducing pain during your recovery. 
  • Ankle injuries — A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries to athletes. There are varying degrees of sprains that can all benefit from physical therapy treatments.

Contact Whatcom Physical Therapy for injury treatment

Whether you’re an athlete or someone who had an unfortunate accident at home, physical therapy can help you if you’ve been injured. At Whatcom Physical Therapy, our team uses the latest methods and technologies in our treatments.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you if you’ve been injured? Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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