How long does it take to recover from a sprained MCL in Point Roberts, WA?

Sprained MCL

Each of your knees contains several ligaments that help stabilize the joints and provide them with a full range of motion. When one or more of these ligaments is hurt, you can lose the use of your knee. Not to mention, a ligament injury doesn’t feel very good.

One ligament in the knee that is vulnerable to injury is the medial collateral ligament (MCL). The MCL is a ligament that runs along the inside of your leg on the outside of the joint itself. An injury that causes your knee to buckle inward or to twist can stretch or tear the MCL, which is known as a sprain.

Sprains are serious injuries that limit your range of motion and make it impossible for you to bend your knee or put weight on it. Sprains vary in severity, so recovering from a sprain looks different depending on your injury.

How long it takes to recover from a sprained MCL

MCL sprains are typically categorized under one of three grades, the first being mild and the third being the most severe. Your expected recovery time will depend on the grade of your sprain and other factors like medical history or age.

  • Recovering from grade 1 sprains — A grade 1 sprain is mild and takes a few days for recovery. 
  • Recovering from grade 2 sprains — Grade 2 sprains are more serious and can require two to four weeks for recovery.
  • Recovering from grade 3 sprains — Grade 3 sprains are the most severe and may include a partial or total tear of the ligament. These sprains require a couple of months for complete recovery.  

How physical therapy helps to improve your recovery

Physical therapists can help you improve the strength and flexibility of your knee. This is beneficial for many reasons when you’re recovering from a sprained MCL, including:

  • It helps provide support for the injured knee.
  • It helps improve the speed and quality of your recovery. 
  • It helps you regain the ability to bend your knee further.
  • It helps prevent the buildup of scar tissue. 
  • It helps you maintain balance while recovering from your injury.
  • It helps prevent similar injuries in the future.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts, WA, for sprained MCL treatment

Recovering from a sprained MCL can take a while, but treating it with physical therapy can improve your recovery experience. If you live near Point Roberts, Washington, and have an injured MCL, you should visit Whatcom Physical Therapy for treatment. Contact our team today for more information about sprained MCL treatment or to schedule an initial appointment.