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Headache Treatment

An occasional headache is a normal part of life, but chronic headaches are a long-term problem. Chronic headaches last longer than a few days and often recur frequently throughout the year. If you suffer from this kind of head pain, you should visit a health care professional for treatment.

Many people choose to visit physical therapists to treat headache pain because their treatments do not involve invasive surgical techniques or drugs. Physical therapists also treat the pain at its cause, so you may be able to reduce your head pain and prevent future pain from developing.

How can physical therapists treat a headache?

Physical therapists specialize in treating conditions that affect the muscles, bones, joints and soft tissue. So, you may be wondering, what can they have to do with head pain?

Many headaches are connected to issues in your neck. Weak neck muscles or a cervical spine condition can cause pain in the neck that triggers headaches. If you have long-lasting and recurring headaches and you have neck pain as well, they’re likely connected.

Physical therapy treatments for headaches

Physical therapists have different methods for treating chronic headaches, including:

  • Stretches and exercises — Improving the strength and flexibility of the neck muscles is the core of many headache treatments. A stronger neck provides better support for the head, which reduces pressure off the spine and its nerves.

  • Massage — Deep tissue massage can release some of the tension in your neck and the base of your skull that may be causing chronic headaches.

At Whatcom Physical Therapy in Ferndale, Washington, we specialize in these treatments and more for reducing headache pain. Our team can evaluate the condition of your head and neck to determine which treatments will be most effective for you.

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