5 ways to prevent falls in the kitchen

how to prevent falls in the kitchen

While the kitchen can be one of the most joyous rooms in the home, it can also be dangerous.

This is especially the case for seniors, people with neurological disorders and other people with a high risk of falling.

With sharp objects and hot surfaces throughout the room, a simple slip can turn into an emergency room trip in no time.

So, it’s important to know how to prevent falls in the kitchen.

By implementing these tips, it will be easier to keep yourself or your family members safe.

How to prevent falls in the kitchen

These tips will decrease the chances of a slip, trip or fall as you’re moving through the kitchen:

  1. Keep chairs handy — Make sure no one has to walk too far across the kitchen to sit down. If you’re more comfortable sitting while you chop and cook, do it.
  2. Move your throw rugs to another room — Throw rugs look nice and can keep your floors clean, but they are a tripping hazard, especially for people who have trouble lifting their feet more than a few inches off the ground.
  3. … or get one with a rubber backing — If you can’t do without rugs, make sure they won’t move when you walk across them. Rubber-backed rugs tend to be the most stable.
  4. Skip the floor wax — Shiny kitchen floors look great in magazine photos but are a whole different story when you have to walk across them. Whether you have tile, wood or linoleum, avoid waxing your floors to lower your risk of slipping.
  5. Clean up spills immediately — You obviously wouldn’t leave liquid on the floor that you could slip in, but make sure to clean up dried stains as fast as possible too. A sticky stain could catch your foot and lead to an accident.

More tips for preventing kitchen falls

Falls are the leading cause of injury and accidental death among American adults aged 65 and older. It’s crucial to understand how to prevent falls in the kitchen and other rooms.

However, some people are at a high risk of falling anywhere — not just the kitchen. Meeting with a Whatcom Physical Therapy physical therapist or vestibular rehab specialist (if you suffer from vertigo) may help you to further reduce your risk of falling.

If you’re interested in these options and live in northwestern Washington State, contact our team for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.