Why you need physical therapy for pain and injuries in Point Roberts, WA

Pain Treatment

Every day, thousands of Americans are affected by pain and injuries. There are several types of conditions and injuries that cause pain, and most of them affect the musculoskeletal system. This includes the muscles, soft tissue, bones and joints.

When your musculoskeletal system has been hurt, you’ll need to trust its treatment to the experts who know it best. This is why many people who’ve been injured or are in pain choose to visit physical therapists.

Physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who specialize in noninvasive treatments for the body. These treatments are effective in reducing pain and improving range of motion while lowering the need for surgery or drugs.

Treating pain and injuries with physical therapy

Physical therapists use a variety of techniques in their treatments. They will examine your condition and determine the best treatment approach based on your individual needs. This varies depending on the cause and severity of the pain and on personal factors like medical history.

Many physical therapy treatments at Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts, Washington include:

  • Manual therapy — Manual therapy involves the use of the physical therapist’s hands for mobilizing the joints and soft tissues. This helps reduce pain and improve range of motion.

  • Stretches and exercises — The goal of stretching and exercising is to build the flexibility and strength of your muscles and soft tissues. This reduces pressure on the injured area by providing better support for your body and can reduce pain and recovery time.

  • Hot and cold therapy — Hot and cold therapies can be used exclusively but are often used together as one form of treatment. Cold therapy is used for reducing swelling and inflammation. Hot therapy helps reduce pain and improve blood flow to the painful area.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts for treating pain and injuries

Whether you’ve been recently injured or are suffering from chronic pain, you can benefit from physical therapy treatments. Our physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts are highly trained and experienced in many treatments. Contact us today to learn more about physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.