When to see a physical therapist for neck pain in Ferndale, WA

Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain after a long day of physical activity or sleeping on the neck in an awkward position is a normal part of life. However, prolonged and severe neck pain requires professional healthcare treatment.

Since neck pain is usually related to a condition or injury affecting the muscles, soft tissue or joints in your neck, physical therapy is a preferable form of treatment.

Treating neck pain with physical therapy

Physical therapists have several ways of treating neck pain. When you meet a physical therapist for treatment, he or she will examine your neck for its symptoms and potential causes of the pain. They will use the details of what they find, along with your medical history and recovery goals, to develop a personalized treatment plan.

The main goal of treating neck pain is to reduce the pain and improve the range of motion in your neck. There are different ways physical therapists can do this:

  • Hands-on therapy — Physical therapists employ the direct use of their hands for many treatments, including joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization and massage.

  • Stretching and exercising — Stretches and exercises increase the flexibility and strength of the muscles and tendons in your neck. This helps reduce pressure off the spine and provides better support for your head, which lowers pain in your neck.

  • Electrical stimulation — Stiff and inactive muscles in the neck can benefit from electrical stimulation. Controlled bursts of electricity cause the muscles to contract and release, which helps reactivate the muscles to provide support and reduce pressure off the spine.

  • Hot and cold therapy — Heating and cooling are used to reduce inflammation and pain in the neck. Cold therapy helps swelling and inflammation go down. Hot therapy helps soothe pain and generate blood flow to the painful area in your neck.

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Whether you’re suffering from a sudden injury or chronic pain in your neck, physical therapy may be what you need. Even if you require surgery for treatment, physical therapists can still help by improving your recovery time and reducing pain.

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