What is the reason I have lower back and hip pain on one side?

Lower Back and Hip Pain on One Side

There are actually several possible answers to this question. In most cases, pain is felt in both the hip and the lower back because it’s what’s known as radiating pain. This type of pain starts in one part of the body, but it ends up being felt in another part. 

The reason you can have radiating pain in your lower back and hip is they are connected to the same nerves. A combo of pain in these two areas is actually pretty common, too. Research shows that at any given time, about 31 million Americans are dealing with lower back pain. Other studies report that up to 40% of adult athletes experience chronic hip pain. There are also several issues that can cause lower back and hip pain on one side. 

Three causes of lower back and hip pain on one side

Dealing with lower back pain or hip pain individually can be hard. Either of these can make tasks like walking your dog or playing your favorite sport more difficult. When you’re feeling both lower back and hip pain in one side, they can have an even greater impact. 

Physical therapists can help you treat the combination of these two types of pain. However, treating them effectively requires that your therapist knows the exact cause of your pain. Here are three issues that can cause this pain combo: 

  1. Sciatica — This issue occurs when one of the sciatic nerves is pinched or injured. Sciatica tends to cause pain on only one side of the body. Additionally, the pain can radiate down the entire length of the nerve. This means it can cause pain sensations in both the lower back and hip. It’s estimated that up to 40% of people will experience sciatica in their lifetime. 
  1. Hip osteoarthritis — Researchers report that 27% of people over 45 show signs of hip osteoarthritis. This issue occurs because of natural wear and tear in the hip joint. Pain from this condition can also radiate into the lower back or groin area. 
  1. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction — The sacroiliac (SI) joint is located between the pelvis and the sacrum. An injury to this joint can lead to radiating pain that’s felt in the hip, lower back or groin. One study found that up to 25% of patients who report chronic lower back pain actually have pain radiating from the SI joint. 


Lower back and hip pain on one side? Whatcom Physical Therapy can help

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