What are your hip pain treatment options besides surgery?

Hip Pain

Surgery is usually the last resort for treating hip pain because it comes with a lot of risks and requires a long and painful recovery period. Some people opt to take medications instead, but these also have undesirable side effects and can cause addiction problems. So, if your hips are in pain, what do you do?

Fortunately, you do have options for treating hip pain that don’t involve surgery or medication. 

Hip pain treatment without surgery

When it comes to treating hip pain, you should always consult your primary care provider and ask them what they recommend. Talk to them about these noninvasive and nonmedicinal treatment options and see what they think is right for you:

  • Get some rest — If your hips are in constant pain, give them a break. Get plenty of rest in a comfortable position that takes the strain off your hip joints. This will help any painful and inflamed areas begin to recover.
  • Exercise — Resting too much can weaken your muscles and make them grow stiffer. This will contribute to greater hip pain, so it’s important to get in some light exercise when you’re not resting. Try some gentle stretches or go for a walk if it’s not too strenuous. These activities will keep your muscles engaged, which will help your hips recover from pain.
  • Wear custom orthotics — Custom orthotic inserts for your footwear can help correct your gait and posture. This can reduce pressure and strain off your hips, which may help reduce and prevent your hip pain.
  • Quit smoking — Smoking affects your blood flow, which reduces the number of nutrients and oxygen that get delivered throughout your body. When your hips are in pain, they need as many nutrients and oxygen as they can get to recover. Quit smoking to help improve your circulation and overall health.
  • Lose weight — Being overweight puts additional strain on your hips that can cause chronic pain to develop. Losing weight will help reduce this pain and help prevent further pain from developing.
  • Physical therapy — Physical therapists specialize in many techniques that help reduce and prevent hip pain. They are licensed health care professionals who can examine the condition of your hips and develop a customized treatment to help you recover. All physical therapy treatments are natural and can reduce your dependence on drugs and surgical intervention. 

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