Try these 3 tips from PT specialists to cut neck soft tissue stiffness at work

Soft Tissue Neck

Stiffness is a common problem that occurs in the neck. It may be caused by poor posture when using a computer or other device. Generally, working like this leads to shortening and tensing of neck muscles, resulting in pain and stiffness in the neck. 

Trying to alleviate neck soft tissue stiffness and pain can be challenging on your own. If your stiffness doesn’t go away after a few days, it’s time to go to physical therapy. 

Manual therapy, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercises and stretching can all be included in your treatment plan. All these types of physical therapy are often combined together to address neck soft tissue stiffness. Doing so can help increase the benefits your physical therapy provides. 

In the meantime, here are three tips that can help help you ease neck soft tissue stiffness while at work:

  1. Mind your posture — Remember to sit correctly at your desk. Don’t slouch or hunch over while doing tasks like talking on the phone. When your neck is bothering you, you can also use a headset to avoid further aggravating your neck.
  1. Switch to an ergonomic chair — If possible, you can move to an office chair that more comfortably supports your neck, back and arms. Doing this will help keep your spine in alignment, which puts less stress on a stiff neck. A physical therapist may even be able to recommend other office furniture that is ergonomic.
  1. Take breaks — Whether you are stationary at a desk or moving about lifting and sorting, breaks are necessary. They give you the chance to change positions. They’re also an opportunity to do a few quick stretches to ease neck soft tissue stiffness. You can even try breathing exercises on your breaks. These can help ease stress that may be triggering neck stiffness.


If your neck stiffness persists, physical therapy is the next best step. A therapist will be able to assess any root causes and help you determine the most effective treatment plan.

Whatcom PT can help you relieve work-related stiffness in your neck soft tissue

If you have tried everything to ease your stiff neck, our team at Whatcom Physical Therapy is here to help relax your neck muscles and address any related pain. They can begin by doing a free screening of your neck to uncover the stiffness’s underlying cause. Our physical therapists will then design a program for you that’s intended to increase the mobility of your neck and cut pain. 

Contact our team today for more information on our neck pain treatments or to schedule an initial appointment.