Treating aches and pains at home with virtual physical therapy

virtual physical therapy

One of the most reliable treatment options people have for chronic pain and stiffness is physical therapy. Physical therapists specialize in a variety of methods that can help treat pain caused by a number of injuries and conditions. However, not everyone can visit a physical therapy clinic to receive the treatment they need. In these circumstances, you still have an option: virtual physical therapy.

You might have an injury or condition that makes it unsafe for you to operate a vehicle, or maybe the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping you in your home to avoid others. Either way, when you can’t leave your home for treatment, you should talk to your physical therapist about virtual physical therapy. 

What is virtual physical therapy?

Virtual physical therapy is a live, one-one-one video call with your physical therapist over a secure connection that allows them to guide you through your treatment. While physical therapists are unable to administer hands-on treatments over virtual physical therapy, they can guide you through many other treatments, like:

  • Therapeutic exercise — Exercises can improve the strength and flexibility of your muscles, which can help reduce pain from tension. Stronger muscles also provide better structural support for your body and help reduce pressure off your joints.
  • Gentle stretches — Physical therapists can guide you through gentle stretches that further help with your flexibility and can improve your range of motion.
  • Posture guidance — Poor posture may be the cause of some of your pain. Your physical therapist can monitor your posture and make suggestions on how to improve it to help reduce and prevent pain.
  • Patient education — Your physical therapist can provide guidance for how to make adjustments in your daily routine to help you navigate the challenges presented by your condition. 

Talk to Whatcom Physical Therapy today about virtual physical therapy

Are you unable to leave your home for treatment but still need help managing your aches and pains? Our physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy can provide virtual physical therapy services to help you improve your quality of life. Contact our team today for more information about virtual physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.