Tired of having a tight lower back? Here’s what to do

tight lower back

For many people, it seems like having a tight lower back all the time is just a normal part of life. But what if we told you this doesn’t have to be the case? 

Lower back pain is one of the most common sources of pain in American adults. A lot of it can be prevented, though, with a little dedication and better care for your body. Some conditions that cause lower back pain require professional treatment, but in many circumstances, you should see improvements by following the tips below.

Tips for preventing a tight lower back

  • Exercise — A tight lower back is often the result of weak and tense muscles. Simply exercising on a regular basis can help prevent tension and improve your strength and flexibility.
    You don’t need to get into some intense routine to help prevent back pain. Go for a walk or run through the neighborhood. Ride a bike. Swim some laps. As long as you get moving and engage your muscles regularly, you should be less vulnerable to a tight lower back.
  • Improving your posture — Poor posture stresses the muscles and spine in your lower back. Sitting, standing, and sleeping with better posture or support can help reduce stress on the muscles, which can reduce and prevent a tight lower back.
  • Improving your diet — An unhealthy diet not only makes you gain weight or causes heart issues, but it can also affect the muscles in your back. Your muscles need a variety of nutrients and oxygen to function normally. Avoid eating foods high in saturated fat, processed grains, sugar or red meat. Eat more foods rich in nutrients, like unsaturated fats, lean proteins, whole grains, and colorful fruits and vegetables.
  • Quitting smoking — Smoking is bad for your health for many reasons, including causing muscle pain. Smoking limits how much oxygen and nutrients your blood can carry to your muscles. Quitting now can help your heart and blood flow improve.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy for tight lower back treatment

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, lower back pain persists. It could be that you have a chronic condition or injury contributing to your tight lower back pain. At Whatcom Physical Therapy, we can examine your back to identify the source of your pain and develop a personalized treatment to help you manage it. Contact our team today about tight lower back pain or to schedule an initial appointment.