Three reasons to visit a physical therapist for sports therapy

When You Need Sports Therapy

Physical therapists provide a variety of services for people who are in pain or have been injured. This is especially true for athletes. Whether you’re an amateur, a professional or someone just having fun, participating in sports puts your body on the line for injury.

Many sports have high physical demands. To be able to better meet these demands, many athletes at all levels visit a physical therapist. There are several reasons to visit a physical therapist if you’re an athlete. Below are three that will mean a lot to you:

1. You’ve been injured

Instead of sitting on the couch and waiting to feel better, injured athletes should visit a physical therapist. Physical therapy treatments include exercising, stretching, manual therapy and other methods for reducing pain and improving the speed and quality of your recovery.  

Since physical therapists are licensed health care professionals, they can examine your condition and develop a personalized routine to help you recover.

2. You want to prevent an injury

Many of the sports therapy treatments for overcoming an injury also help prevent injuries. Stronger and more flexible muscles, ligaments and tendons are less likely to stretch and tear, which is one of the most common ways an athlete gets hurt.

3. You need to improve your game

Do you ever feel like you’re hitting a wall? Or, maybe that something is just off? Either way, if your athletic performance isn’t where you want it to be, physical therapy can help.

Physical therapists can develop a personalized training routine to improve specific areas of your body based on your individual needs. This usually includes an analysis of your gait to see if there are any improvements that need to be made on the way you run and jump.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy for sports therapy

Our physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy offer sports therapy services for a variety of athletes. Whether you’re an amateur golfer or an aspiring professional football player, we can help you overcome and prevent injuries and improve your athletic performance. Contact our team today to learn more about physical therapy or to schedule an initial appointment.