Three reasons people need physical therapy for pelvic pain

causes of pelvic pain

Your pelvis is the lower part of your abdomen down to the tops of your thighs. This area contains a lot of muscles and bones that support your body and vital organs. Pain in your pelvis can cause difficulty in supporting your body weight and participating in any physical activity.

Some types of pelvic pain are common, like tired muscles or menstrual cramps. Other types of pelvic pain are more severe and require immediate medical attention. Symptoms of severe pelvic pain may include:

  • Pain or difficulty when urinating
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood in your stool
  • Fever
  • Pain during sexual activity
  • Severe pain in the general pelvic area

It’s crucial that you do not ignore these kinds of symptoms because they may be related to a serious or life-threatening condition. Contact your healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment immediately.

Common types of pelvic pain

The physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy are healthcare professionals who can help treat many types of pelvic pain. Some of the most common causes of pelvic pain that we can help treat include:

  • Post-surgical pain β€” Many conditions that cause pelvic pain are related to your internal organs. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to treat these conditions. Surgery is invasive and requires incisions and other trauma that affects your pelvic muscles. Post-surgical rehab with a physical therapist can help strengthen these muscles and break down painful scar tissue.

  • Postpartum pain β€” Carrying a child in the womb can put a lot of strain on the muscles and ligaments in your pelvis. Physical therapy can help you after delivery to begin restoring the strength and flexibility of your muscles and connective tissues.

  • Urinary issues β€” Physical therapy treatments can help strengthen the muscles around your bladder that may be causing difficulty with urination.

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