Three reasons for lower back pain while you’re playing video games

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept many people in their homes far more than they normally would be. To pass the time, lots of people have turned to playing video games. One 2020 study found that 64% of adult Americans and 70% of adolescents played video games regularly. 

While video games can be fun and engaging, they can also lead to health issues. For instance, playing video games for long periods of time is one reason for lower back pain. Physical therapists can help you learn why playing video games too much can lead to lower back pain. These specialists can also help you find effective ways to treat your lower back pain. 

Three reasons you can develop lower back pain while playing video games

  1. Poor posture — One reason for regular gamers developing lower back pain is poor posture. Many people sit slumped forward on their couch while playing video games. This position places more strain on the lower back muscles, which can leave them stiff and sore. The longer you sit like this, the more likely you are to develop lower back pain. 
  1. Not taking breaks — Many gamers get so sucked into their game that they will play it for hours on end. Unfortunately, this leaves the body seated in one position for long periods of time. Staying in one position for hours can cause your hamstring and thigh muscles to stiffen up. In turn, these tight muscles can pull the pelvis and lower back out of alignment, which can trigger pain. 
  1. Unergonomic furniture — Your couch or easy chair may be comfortable. But it’s not likely that they were designed using ergonomic principles. Such furniture may not do a good job of helping you maintain good sitting posture. As a result, postural muscles in your lower back and core may become tired, stiff and sore. 

How can physical therapists address these reasons for lower back pain?

There are many ways that physical therapists can help address your lower back pain if you’re a gamer. Some ways these specialists can help you include: 

  • Using manual therapy to ease tension and pain in your lower back, butt and thighs. 
  • Helping to build the strength of your postural muscles. 
  • Recommending ergonomic solutions that can help improve your seated posture and prevent future gaming-related pain.

Whatcom PT is ready to help gamers address the reasons for their lower back pain

Are frequent and extended video game sessions the reason for your lower back pain? Our Whatcom Physical Therapy team is ready to help you tackle your pain. Finding the source of your lower back pain can be accomplished using one of our free screenings. Then, our physical therapists can build you a therapy program that fits your unique needs. You’ll even be able to sign up for virtual therapy sessions that you can do from home. 

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