Three causes of pain in the upper right part of your shoulder blade

Upper Right Shoulder Blade Pain

People use their right arms every day to get dressed, drink coffee and more. However, any tasks that you use your right arm for are more difficult when you’re feeling pain in the upper right part of your shoulder near the shoulder blade. 

Medical professionals know the shoulder blade as the scapula. There are many structures around this bone that may become painful. Problems with the scapula and its neighbors could be one reason why nearly 15 out of every 1,000 people go to a primary care doctor for help with shoulder pain annually. 

Physical therapists can help with pain in the upper right part of your shoulder near your shoulder blade. They can help you determine the cause of your pain. Additionally, these specialists can develop an effective treatment plan for your shoulder pain. 

Pain in the upper right part of your shoulder near the shoulder blade could be caused by:

  1. Trauma — Tripping and falling can cause you to hit your shoulder on a wall or another hard surface. Objects might also fall onto your shoulder near the shoulder blade. In either case, the trauma to your shoulder can lead to pain, swelling and bruising in your shoulder. 
  1. Muscle strains — There are several shoulder muscles that attach to your shoulder blade. A strain in one of these muscles can lead to a painful shoulder. Athletes commonly develop shoulder muscle strains from throwing a ball. Swinging a tennis racket or golf club could also lead to this type of injury. However, people who aren’t playing sports can also develop muscle strains from lifting heavy objects and other normal activities. 
  1. Shoulder osteoarthritis — The glenohumeral joint, or shoulder joint, is the place where the upper arm bone and the shoulder blade meet. This joint is located in the upper right part of your shoulder. Shoulder osteoarthritis occurs when the shoulder joint structures become worn out and inflamed, which triggers pain. 

Whatcom PT can help treat your shoulder pain

Feeling pain in the upper right part of your shoulder near the shoulder blade? Our Whatcom Physical Therapy team is eager to help you find ways to decrease your pain. We’ll start by determining the source of your pain with one of our free screenings. Next, our physical therapists will construct a customized treatment plan for you, and this plan will be designed to: 

  • Reduce acute pain from shoulder injuries. 
  • Manage chronic condition pain. 
  • Decrease the chances of future shoulder injuries. 

Contact our team today for more information about how we can treat your shoulder pain or to schedule an initial in-person or virtual therapy appointment.