SCENAR therapy for sharp side of neck pain in Blaine, WA

Sharp Pain in Side of Neck

Physical therapy is one of the most effective options for treating neck pain in Blaine, Washington. If you’re feeling sharp pains in the side of your neck, it could be time to go see a local physical therapist, and one technique they can use to treat your pain is SCENAR therapy. 

What is SCENAR therapy?

Sharp pains in the side of the neck are often related to injuries like muscle sprains, but they could also be caused by tension that you’re holding in your neck muscles. Using self-controlled energyneuroadaptive regulator (SCENAR) therapy be an option for treating your pain. Also called energy neurostimulator therapy, SCENAR therapy uses a hand-held device to promote healing and reduce tension naturally. 

This device sends out low-power electrical pulses to your nerves when it’s moved across the skin. These pulses are designed to stimulate a part of the nervous system called C-fibers. This stimulation causes the body to respond by sending out chemicals that can help reduce pain and inflammation in the tense or injured neck muscle.  

How can SCENAR therapy benefit my neck pain?

The release of chemicals that SCENAR therapy can cause can also lead to many benefits for people with sharp pains in the side of their necks. One of the chemicals this therapy can help release is endorphins. This particular chemical is one of the body’s natural pain relievers, and using the SCENAR device in the painful area of the neck can help get more endorphins to this area. In turn, the endorphins will work to reduce the pain you’re feeling. 

SCENAR therapy can also stimulate the body to send sensory neuropeptides to the treatment area. For people with neck pain, these natural chemicals can have several benefits. One of these benefits is that the sensory neuropeptides can cause blood vessels to open wider. This brings more blood into the area, and consequently, your tense or injured neck muscles have access to more oxygen and nutrients, which can speed up healing. Also, sensory neuropeptides have been shown to help the body fight inflammation that can slow down the healing process. 

Find SCENAR therapy for your sharp neck pains at Whatcom Physical Therapy in Blaine, WA

Whatcom Physical Therapy has a clinic in Blaine that can help you find SCENAR therapy for your neck pain. And this isn’t the only beneficial technique we offer. Our team offers free screenings to help us determine the source of your neck pain. We also build personalized therapy plans for each patient, and we can incorporate SCENAR therapy into your plan along with therapy techniques such as: 

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