Post-surgical rehabilitation in Point Roberts, WA

Recovering from Surgery

One of the main benefits of physical therapy is it reduces the need for an operation. Surgery involves the use of incisions through your skin, muscles and soft tissue that is often painful afterward. It also causes scar tissue, which can create issues like limited range of motion. More invasive surgeries, such as a total joint replacement, cause even more trauma on the body that makes recovery very challenging.

Physical therapists can still help in these situations. Post-surgical rehabilitation from a physical therapist can help you recover from surgery and restore your ability to live independently.

Why should you see a physical therapist for post-surgical rehabilitation?

You’ll face many challenges while recovering from an invasive surgery. It may be difficult to walk around or stand up. You may not even be able to get dressed or use the restroom on your own. It’s important to restore your ability to accomplish these tasks so you can get back to your life.

Post-surgical rehabilitation offers many benefits for people coming out of an operation, including:

  • It helps you recover faster.
  • It helps you have less pain.
  • It helps you regain balance and move around.
  • It reduces your need for drugs during recovery.
  • It teaches you how to safely use assistive equipment like crutches and walkers.

Without post-surgical rehab, you may have a longer and more painful recovery experience. Our physical therapists at Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts, Washington, strive to make sure this isn’t the case for you.

Our post-surgical rehabilitation can also be complemented by pre-surgical rehabilitation. If you know about your surgery far enough in advance, pre-surgical rehabilitation can help you prepare your body so you have an even better recovery experience than from post-surgical rehab alone.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts for post-surgical rehab

If you have a surgery coming up, talk to one of our physical therapists about pre-surgical and post-surgical rehab. Our team can develop a personalized treatment that will help you have the best possible recovery experience after your surgery. Contact us today to learn more about pre-surgical and post-surgical rehab or to schedule an initial appointment.