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shoulder pain treatment

The shoulder joint has the important responsibility of connecting your arm to the rest of your body and providing mobility for your arm. There are many parts of the shoulder, including tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and cartilage that all work together to help you accomplish tasks like lifting objects, throwing a ball or raising your arms over your head.

It’s possible for an injury or condition to affect one of these many components in your shoulder, which can cause pain in the entire joint. Not all shoulder pain is serious. In fact, sore shoulders from physical activity, such as carrying a heavy backpack all day or sitting hunched over, are a normal part of life. However, if the shoulders are in extreme pain, swollen, restricted in motion or displaying other concerning symptoms, you should visit a healthcare professional for treatment.

Common types of shoulder pain treated by physical therapists

It’s possible that your shoulder pain can be the signs of a more serious condition, which, if left untreated, can cause greater problems like permanent disability. Many of these conditions are treatable by a physical therapist.

At Whatcom Physical Therapy in Ferndale, Washington, we treat all kinds of crippling shoulder conditions and injuries. Some of the most common ones we work with include:

  • Tendinitis — Repetitive motion can cause the shoulder tendons to rub up against the shoulder blade and become irritated and inflamed. This is a painful condition that could limit your range of motion until it’s fully recovered.

  • Bursitis — The bursae are tiny sacs of fluid that cushion your joints that can grow inflamed from irritation and aging. This is known as bursitis, which is a painful condition that can cause swelling and loss of range of motion in your shoulder and other joints.

  • Dislocation — Your shoulder can pop out of the joint socket if the muscles and other connective tissues are stretched or torn. Dislocated shoulders are painful and often difficult to move.

  • Arthritis — Arthritis attacks the cartilage in your joints, including your shoulders, to which causes your bones to rub against each other. Arthritis in the shoulders can limit your use of the joint and be quite painful.

  • Fracture — Blunt trauma and osteoporosis can cause fractures in the bones of your shoulders. Complete fractures may require surgery for treatment, but you can still benefit from physical therapy treatments to help you prepare for surgery and recover afterward.

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