Rafael Lara

Rafael Lara, RPT

Rafael received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Physical Therapy from the University of Washington. As a Physical Therapist his job is to help people with physical injuries or illnesses: reduce their pain, recover their function, and return to performing their activities of daily living. Rafael uses a variety of approaches to accomplish the rehabilitation process, which include: electrical stimulation, ultrasound, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilizations, Scenar, cupping, traditional exercises and also Tai Chi *. He teaches patients home programs to maintain: strength, flexibility, endurance and balance. Rafael has worked in a number of settings: outpatient therapy clinics, hospitals both in acute care and rehab, home health agencies, transitional care units, and skilled nursing facilities. He is  patient-focused; Rafael had to learn to rehabilitate his body after coming down with Guillan-Barre in his youth, so he understands the perspective of the patient.

* Rafael has a background in Tai Chi and it has been a part of his lifestyle since 1975.
*Bilingual in Spanish and English , Se habla español.