How to Find the Right Physical Therapist in Point Roberts, WA

Physical Therapy After Surgery

When you’ve been injured or have a debilitating medical condition, one of your top priorities is finding treatment to restore your quality of life. One option for treatment that can help you is physical therapy.

Physical therapists, like those at Whatcom Physical Therapy in Point Roberts, are licensed health care professionals who can help you reduce pain and restore strength and loss of motion. Most physical therapy treatments involve stretches and exercises that help strengthen and stretch muscles and ligaments in your body to help it support itself.

How do you find the right physical therapist for you?

Since your body and your health are important, finding the right physical therapist is important too. Here are some tips you should consider when looking for a physical therapist:


  1. Check for education and accreditation – All physical therapists are required to have a bachelor’s degree and to complete a physical therapy graduate degree program. He or she must also be nationally licensed to perform physical therapy services.
  2. Check the reviews – The great thing about the internet is that it allows us to hear what real people think about businesses and medical practices. If the clinic you’re interested in offers poor services, you can find out online. If they have great reviews, it’s a sign you’ll be in good hands.
  3. Check their patient skills – You’ll likely have to work with your physical therapist more than once, so if he or she is unpleasant to work with, you need to consider finding someone else. You don’t have to suffer through poor service. It’s your right to find a clinic that is a good fit for you.
  4. Check out their technology – Every clinic should have equipment that is clean and works well. Find out if the clinic you’re interested in offers special services too. For example, at Whatcom Physical Therapy, we provide special services like SCENAR and BEMER.
  5. Check out your insurance – If covering your physical therapy sessions with insurance is important to you, talk with your insurance provider or the staff at the physical therapy clinic about your insurance and if it will cover their services.  

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