How to correct bad neck posture

Neck Pain

The muscles, soft tissues and bones in your neck work together to support the weight of your head and allow it to move around. When an injury or condition hurts one of these, pain and immobility affects your neck.

One of the main causes of pain and immobility in the neck is poor posture. Hunching your head forward while sitting or standing puts significant pressure on the muscles and tendons in your neck. Each inch forward you hold your head increases pressure on the muscles by 10 pounds. How are you holding your head right now? Do you think your posture is helping your neck or hurting it?

Steps for correcting poor neck posture

Correcting your posture is a major step in relieving and preventing neck pain. We want you to live a life without neck pain, so here are some steps for correcting bad neck posture:

  1. Exercise — Exercising and stretching the muscles in your neck can help improve your posture and reduce pain. Many are simple and can even be done at your desk. For example, you can try head turns.

    Turn your head to the side until you feel your neck stretch. Hold this for about five seconds and repeat with the other side. Do this a few times a day, especially if you sit for long periods of time.

  2. Bring your chin up — When you stand and sit, is your chin higher in the air or closer to your chest? If you hold your chin down, you’re probably putting pressure on your neck. Bring your chin up and square your ears with your shoulders. Avoid hunching your shoulders too.

  3. Bring the screens to eye level — Many of us use computers or smartphones that cause us to look down often. This results in poor posture and neck pain. Bring your computer screens up to eye level and hold your smartphones higher when using them.

  4. Get a better pillow — Your pillow should support the curve of your neck. Using pillows that are too fluffy or stiff, or using too many pillows, puts strain on your neck while you sleep. Opt for one firm pillow that ergonomically supports your neck.

Visit Whatcom Physical Therapy for neck pain treatment

If you’re suffering from neck pain related to poor posture or other causes, our team can help. Our physical therapists can assist you in correcting your posture and strengthening the neck muscles. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.