Get answers to your virtual physical therapy FAQs

Virtual Physical Therapy FAQs

The lack of toilet paper in stores. The need to practice social distancing. These are just a few things that many people are struggling with thanks to the coronavirus that’s sweeping the country. However, many people might also be concerned about finding the physical therapy services they require. 

Fortunately, many therapy practices are offering virtual physical therapy services. These services are also called remote physical therapy, and they involve having a live video and audio session with a physical therapist. People who aren’t familiar with virtual physical therapy may have many other questions about it, including: 

Am I the only one looking for virtual physical therapy sessions? 

Telemedicine services have been slowly growing in popularity in the past few years. One recent study shows that 78% of the people surveyed were interested in receiving health care virtually. The calls from state and federal organizations to self-isolate are likely to cause this percentage to rise. 

Will virtual physical therapy work for my needs?

Our team is currently offering virtual physical therapy for existing and new patients. Virtual physical therapy can help people with many different issues, including: 

  • Post-surgical rehab
  • Chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal injuries — Strains, sprains, recovering fractures, etc. 

How will my virtual physical therapy session be different from an in-person session?

Physical therapists tend to use hands-on techniques during an in-person session. These techniques can’t be used in a virtual physical therapy session, but they can talk you through therapeutic exercises and stretches that are important parts of many treatments. They might even demonstrate some exercises to you through the live video feed. They can also monitor your progress live as you go through your exercise program. Additionally, your therapist can provide you with encouragement or tweak your therapy program to increase its benefits for you. 

What are the costs of a virtual physical therapy session?

Virtual physical therapy care is covered by most major insurances in the same way as an in-person visit. Our team also accepts credit and debit as well as Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) payments for Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients.

Ready to try virtual physical therapy? Find it at Whatcom Physical Therapy

Do you want to see how virtual physical therapy can help you? Our team at Whatcom Physical Therapy is ready and willing to assist you. We’re using simple and secure technology to offer real-time video sessions to our patients. This service allows you to get the therapy you need, and it helps keep you and our staff safe from COVID-19. 

Don’t wait to try a virtual physical therapy session with us. Contact our team today for more information about virtual physical therapy sessions or to schedule your initial appointment.