Four ways a knee specialist can help you

Treatment for Knee Pain

Several conditions and injuries can cause pain in the knees. These keep you from walking, running and doing other activities you love. Fortunately, you can visit a knee specialist for treatment if you have knee pain.

Many physical therapists are specialists in knee pain. There are several reasons to visit a physical therapist for knee pain treatment. Here are four of the ways physical therapy can help you when you have knee pain:

1. Understanding what is causing your pain

Physical therapists are capable of performing examinations to determine the cause and severity of your knee pain. While they may recommend visiting a doctor for further examination, physical therapists can often deduce the cause of your pain using:

  • Palpation — A physical therapist can use their hands to feel for any signs of injury, swelling and other abnormalities in the knee.

  • Strength tests — A physical therapist may apply resistance to the knee while asking you to move it to assess its strength.

  • Range-of-motion tests — A physical therapist can manipulate the knee to see how far it bends or straightens without resistance or pain.

  • Gait analysis — Your gait is the way that you walk. A physical therapist can analyze your gait to see how the way you walk affects your knee and if it is a cause of your knee pain. Some physical therapy clinics have access to powerful tools and cameras for a detailed gait analysis.
2. Reducing the pain and improving your range of motion

Physical therapy knee specialists can guide you through therapeutic exercises to reduce your knee pain and improve its range of motion. They may also use techniques like manual therapy and electrical stimulation to improve the condition of your knee.

3. Reducing the chances of future pain

Many of the techniques used for reducing knee pain are also able to help prevent future knee pain. This is usually due to an increase in strength and flexibility, which improves support for the joint and reduces pressure off the nerves.

4. Improving your balance

It can be difficult to balance when your knees are in pain. This makes daily tasks more challenging and can increase the risk of getting hurt in a fall. Knee specialists can help you improve your balance and learn how to safely use assistive walking devices like crutches and canes.

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