Four reasons why you may need occupational therapy

Reasons for Occupational Rehab

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals who can treat many injuries and physical conditions. These kinds of conditions can be brought on by all kinds of causes, such as a sports injury or a debilitating condition. One common cause of injury that many people need physical therapy for is a workplace injury.

Workplace injuries come in many forms. Some of them are sudden and others develop slowly over time. Regardless of which you experience, occupational therapy from a licensed physical therapist can help you recover.

Four common reasons to see a physical therapist for occupational therapy

  1. You took a tumble — Slips, trips and falls are the most common causes of workplace injuries. These injuries vary in severity depending on what part of you suffered most from the impact. Did you strike your hip when you fell? Did you hit your head? Regardless of what bore the brunt of the impact, occupational therapy can help.

  2. Your back hurts — Back pain can occur in almost any kind of work environment. People who have jobs that require a lot of heavy lifting are prone to back pain from overuse. People who have jobs that require long periods of sitting are prone to back pain from strain and poor posture. Occupational therapy can help in both of these cases.

  3. Your wrist or hand is in pain — Wrist and hand pain often come together due to the tendons and ligaments that connect them. One of the most common hand and wrist injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be brought on by working with vibrating equipment, driving for long periods of time or typing with poor posture. Physical therapists can help reduce this pain using a variety of techniques.

  4. You’ve had an unfortunate encounter with a machine — An automobile or mechanical accident can cause traumatic harm to your body. These injuries vary widely in nature but are usually serious and require medical attention. Physical therapists can help you recover from these injuries or any surgery that may be necessary.

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