Four misconceptions of physical therapy

Physical Therapy Misconceptions

You’ve probably heard about physical therapy and how it helps people overcome injuries, but you may be getting some ideas about it wrong. Physical therapists have a lot to offer you.

It’s important to shake the misconceptions of physical therapy so there are no obstacles getting the treatment you need. Here are four common misconceptions about physical therapy that may be preventing you from getting treatment:

1. Physical therapy hurts

Physical therapists are licensed health care professionals who know the limits of your body. They develop personalized treatments to help patients reach their recovery goals in a manner that works best for them. Physical therapy treatments can sometimes be challenging, but they do not cause pain or harm.

2. You can only see a physical therapist if your doctor recommends it

Many people who could benefit from physical therapy do not get the treatment they need because they don’t have a doctor’s recommendation. While many doctors do refer their patients to a physical therapist, you do not have to wait for a referral to receive physical therapy.

3. Physical therapy only helps when you’re injured

One of the main reasons people visit a physical therapist is to treat an injury. Physical therapists have many techniques for helping people overcome injuries or recover from debilitating conditions. However, this isn’t all that a physical therapist can do.

Physical therapists offer preventive services to help keep injuries and pain from developing. They can also help you train to improve your balance, gait or athletic performance.

4. Insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy

While some insurance policies may not cover physical therapy, most plans do. Check with your insurance provider to see if physical therapy services are covered by your plan. The administrative staff at your physical therapy clinic can also help you figure out if you’re covered.

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