Five fun activities for people with back pain

Fun activities for people with back pain

Long-lasting and frequently recurring back pain (also known as chronic back pain) is a problem not only because of the pain, but because it interrupts your daily life. Chronic back pain makes it difficult to perform simple daily tasks and can get in your way of enjoying fun activities. However, back pain shouldn’t sentence you to a life that’s dull and void of anything fun. There are plenty of fun activities you can still enjoy while you recover from back pain.

Five fun activities you can try when you suffer from chronic back pain

  1. Walking outdoors — Walking outdoors is beneficial for two reasons. First, it’s good for your mental health to get out of the home and enjoy nature. Second, it’s beneficial for your physical health to get moving on a regular basis. Going for a daily walk can help you loosen up tight joints and muscles, which can help reduce and prevent back pain.
  2. Yoga — Many yoga poses are gentle on your body and can help strengthen your core and back muscles. Stronger back and core muscles are better able to support your spine and less prone to tension. This can help with reducing and preventing your back pain.
  3. Swimming — Swimming is another low-impact exercise that is gentle on your back but can help you become stronger and more flexible. It’s also good for your cardiovascular health, which helps improve your blood flow and decrease your chance for heart disease.
  4. Reading and writing — It’s a good time to catch up on any reading you’re behind on when you’re recovering from back pain. Are there any books you’ve been meaning to finish or haven’t even started yet? There are plenty of series that can keep you engaged during your free time for weeks or months, which is long enough for many physical therapy treatments to help you recover from back pain.
  5. Decorating your home — When you can’t enjoy some of your favorite activities due to back pain, you can turn your attention to your home. While you’re recovering, you can try redecorating your home and your yard. This helps keep your mind active while not putting much stress on your body.

    Note: Be sure to avoid physically demanding yardwork while recovering from back pain. 

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