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Physical Therapy in Ferndale WA

Seeking medical attention if you’ve been injured or are suffering from a medical condition can help you get the treatment you need to improve your quality of life. Many injuries and conditions can benefit from treatments offered by physical therapists.

At Whatcom Physical Therapy, our team of trained professionals offers rehabilitative services to help you strengthen and stretch your muscles and ligaments to help reduce your pain and restore strength and range of motion.

If you’re considering contacting a physical therapist for treatment, it’s important to do your research so you can choose the one that is the right fit for you.

Tips for finding a physical therapist

It takes some effort to find the right physical therapist, but it’s not too difficult if you know what to look for. Here are a few points you should look for when trying to find a physical therapist:

  1. Education and accreditation – Physical therapists should have some form of higher education. All are required to have a bachelor’s degree and must complete a physical therapy graduate degree program. Many choose to pursue further education. After all this education, physical therapists must then receive national accreditation to be allowed to work with patients.
  2. Reviews – The internet is an excellent tool for keeping business and medical practices accountable to good service. If the physical therapy clinic you’re looking at has poor reviews online, then you should look for someone else with better reviews.
  3. Patient skills – Since physical therapy typically involves multiple sessions, you’ll want to work with somebody who you are happy to see. If the first physical therapist you contact has bad patient skills, you should find somebody else who will treat you better.
  4. Technology – We’re not suggesting that every physical therapy clinic needs to be super high-tech, but they do need to have clean, functioning modern equipment that can help provide optimal treatments. Be on the lookout for special technology and services. Some clinics, like Whatcom Physical Therapy, offer services like SCENAR and BEMER.
  5. Insurance – Talk with the staff at the clinic about your insurance and find out if your insurance provider will cover the services the clinic provides.

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