Can physical therapy decrease how long whiplash lasts?

How Long Does Whiplash Last

Whiplash is a painful neck condition caused by tearing the soft tissue in the neck. Whiplash can occur when the head is thrown back and forth with great force. A common cause of whiplash is car accidents. It’s important to realize that the symptoms of whiplash may not appear for a few days after an accident has occurred. 

Are you wondering how long whiplash lasts? Physical therapy can help manage the symptoms of a neck injury and help support a neck recovering from whiplash. 

How can physical therapy help decrease whiplash symptoms?

  • Therapeutic exercise — If you’ve injured your neck muscles, then strengthening them after an injury may help decrease how long whiplash lasts. Whiplash may cause your neck muscles to stiffen up if you find that it’s difficult to move due to intense neck pain. By strengthening your neck muscles, you also help keep your neck flexible as you recover. 
  • Electrical stimulation Electric stimulation is a safe and effective way to directly manage your pain. A physical therapist will attach adhesive electrodes around the painful areas around the neck. These adhesive electrodes can help induce a natural pain reduction effect. This effect occurs by stimulating the sensory nerves in the injured neck tissue. 
  • Soft tissue mobilization — Soft tissue mobilization is a form of manual therapy. It is a hands-on technique where the physical therapist stimulates the injured soft tissue in the neck. Soft tissue mobilization may reduce the painful tension by improving the blood flow to the muscles. Reduced neck tension may help decrease how long whiplash lasts after an accident.

Wondering how long whiplash lasts? Whatcom Physical Therapy is prepared to manage your symptoms 

If you are suffering from whiplash, seeing a physical therapist can help. The symptoms of whiplash can be long lasting, but our team at Whatcom Physical Therapy is prepared to help reduce your symptoms. We can build you a personalized treatment plan that may help reduce the time it takes for your whiplash to subside. 

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