Our Clinics

Blaine360.332.8167 | 250 G Street | Blaine, WA
Whatcom Physical Therapy was started by Alan Finston PT OCS in 1997 and has enjoyed 18 years serving the residents of Whatcom County, WA and Blaine. Whatcom PT prides itself on excellent patient care and innovative care ideas to help expedite patient healing and rehabilitation. We have grown substantially from a solo practice in 1997 to a 5300 sq ft office complete with Fitness Center in 2004. Whatcom PT’s focus is primarily outpatient orthopedics with an emphasis on ultimate patient independence and self care via exercise instruction and home therapy instruction. Whatcom PT has also grown to include the use of SCENAR Therapy, a highly effective therapeutic treatment which aides the body’s own healing capabilities and has proven especially effective for chronic pain treatment including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Auto-immune conditions, neurological pain, migraines, etc. SCENAR Therapy is now being offered in all of Whatcom Physical Therapy’s clinics and all staff are thoroughly trained in this exciting therapeutic modality.
Ferndale360.384.5171 | 5709 Hamlin Ave | Ferndale, WA
Ferndale PT joined the Whatcom PT family in October 2008 and has grown dramatically since its acquisition. We have nearly doubled the clinic space we started with and look to further growth in Ferndale with the building of a brand new clinic space in 2013, effectively doubling the existing clinic space and echoing the philosophy and physical clinic space of Whatcom PT’s new flagship building built and completed in 2004 in Blaine. We look forward to many more rewarding years serving the physical therapy needs of Ferndale WA and its residents.
Point Roberts
Point Roberts360.332.8167 | 2030 Benson Rd. Pt. | Roberts, WA
Point Roberts PT joined the Whatcom PT clinic family in October 2009 and has enjoyed nearly 6 years of success serving the physical therapy needs of the Point Roberts community. Situated in a unique geographic region, the Point Roberts clinic is an adjunctive office to the Point Roberts Wellness clinic and sees patients two days a week. Since its inception, we have enjoyed rapid growth and a rewarding relationship with the Point Roberts community. We look forward to a continuing our relationship with the Point Roberts Wellness clinic for many years to come in serving the residents of Point Roberts.